Consulting Services For Property Loss and Personal Injury Accidents


IEI Consulting, Inc. Services

The majority of IEI's services relate to evaluating the causation of residential, commercial and industrial fire losses. IEI also provides consulting services relating to personal injury accidents and property damage. IEI's consultants do everything required to thoroughly evaluate an incident including site work and scene documentation, evidence recovery, laboratory analysis and testing, failure mode testing, document review and expert testimony.

IEI Consultants are familiar with Codes and Standards for the installation and maintenance of a large variety of equipment and the legal doctrines which govern their responsible use.

IEI routinely investigates accidents involving:

  • Consumer Appliances

  • Wiring and power distribution equipment

  • Electrocution and electric shock

  • Boilers and furnaces

  • Biomedical devices and equipment

  • Industrial process equipment

  • Plumbing and sprinkler systems

  • Fuel gas delivery and distribution

  • Utility services



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