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Electrical Engineering Investigators
Michael Wald - (Printable pdf)


Electrical Engineering Consultant specializing in the investigation of fires and explosions, electrical equipment failures, electrical injury incidents, and accidents involving biomedical equipment. Specific expertise in the analysis of causation of fires, electrical equipment damage, electrocution and electric shock, accident reconstruction, biomedical device failures, and codes and standards for electrical and biomedical equipment installation and maintenance. Testifying experience in all of the above areas, both plaintiff and defense. Over 20 years experience in the installation, maintenance, testing and repair of complex electro-mechanical equipment. Knowledgeable in the application of a variety of medical equipment, devices, and procedures. Over two thousand investigations performed involving consumer products, wiring and cabling, medical devices, and residential, commercial, and industrial electrical equipment. Technical management of large loss fire and explosion investigations involving multi-disciplinary teams of investigating engineers across the United States and abroad.

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